1974 kiwi 24 checklist

Bow Area
  • Anchor location and operation
  • Bow railings and cleats
  • Bow seating or storage areas
Hull and Deck
  • Check for any signs of damage or leaks
  • Explain the stability of the boat and weight distribution
  • Steering wheel and throttle controls
  • Instrument panel and gauges
  • Bilge pump location and operation
Safety Equipment
  • Life jackets: location and proper fit
  • Fire extinguisher location and operation
  • First aid kit location and contents
Navigation and Communication
  • GPS/chartplotter operation
  • VHF radio operation and emergency channels
  • Sound signaling devices (horn, whistle)
Engine and Propulsion
  • Engine start-up procedure
  • Throttle and gear shifting
  • Propeller and underwater hazards awareness
Emergency Procedures
  • Man overboard drills
  • Mayday distress call procedure
  • Location of emergency exits or escape hatches
Local Rules and Regulations
  • Speed limits and no-wake zones
  • Navigation markers and channels
  • Right-of-way rules and boating etiquette
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